Audit Logging

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When you deploy snapshots with Configuration Manager for Jira, you can perform thousands of changes on the Jira configuration in just a few steps. To give you greater visibility over how your Jira configuration was changed, Audit log component records each snapshot operation and provides details about the configuration changes. After you create or deploy a snapshot, you can review a summary and details of these operations in Configuration Manager's Audit Log component.

Viewing Audit Log

To view the Audit Log:

  1. Log in as a user with the Jira System Administrator's global permission.

  2. Choose the cog icon at the top right of the screen, then choose Configuration Manager.

3. From the Configuration Manager's side menu on the left, choose Audit.

4. You will see audit events - a summary of the create and deploy snapshot operations.

Audit Log Messages

An audit log entry is created for the following events:

  • Create Snapshot

  • Deploy Snapshot

Each audit log entry itself contains details about the operation and you can look back at the changes by using the "Details" link.

For example, let's say you have created a project snapshot. Then in the Audit log, you will see entries containing the following information:

When you deploy a snapshot, you will see an entry in Audit Log similar to the following one:

Audit Log entries have the following properties:

  • Event - describes the operation (e.g. Created snapshot 'System backup').

  • Type - the type of the snapshot (e.g. project snapshot or system snapshot).

  • Date - the date and time when the create/deploy snapshot event happened.

  • By - the user who created/deployed a snapshot.

  • Severity - indicates whether the operation was successful (e.g. error, warning, info). If the deployment was successful then the severity is INFO.

  • Details - a list of messages, each of which describes a single configuration change.

  • Download link - use this link to download the audit details in a CSV file.

Audit Log Details

Each audit log entry contains a list of "details", which contain information about all the changes introduced on the system by the specific event. Each detail is a message describing a single Jira configuration change or a group of issue data changes (in the case of a project with issues deployment).

Download Audit log

You can also download an audit event and its details using the "Download" link in the "Actions" column.

Audit Log Entry Details

To open the audit entry details page, click on the "Details" link located in the "Actions" column shown in the screenshot above, next to each audit log entry.

Each audit log entry itself contains details about the create/deploy operation. In the screenshot below, you can see what the Audit Log Details page looks like:

  1. Summary of a snapshot deployment event registered in Audit Log.

  2. Details (list of changes) of the event.