Match Snapshot and Target Elements

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In some situations, you might need something more than every configuration element from a snapshot deployed on the target Jira just as it is.
We are giving you the power to choose how snapshot and target configuration elements are matched during a deployment. For a snapshot element, you can choose the target element you want to match it to.

Supported Objects

List of configuration objects supported by Selective Merge (as of CMJ 6.6):

  • Priorities and priority schemes

  • Field screens, field screen schemes, and field configuration schemes 

  • Custom fields and field configurations

  • Notification schemes

  • Issue security schemes

  • Workflow and workflow schemes

  • Permission schemes

  • Statuses and resolutions

  • Events

  • Project categories

  • Agile boards

  • Filters

  • Dashboards

  • Users and groups

  • Issue types, issue type schemes, issue type screen schemes, and issue link types

How It Works

On the deployment wizard's Analyze phase, in the list with planned changes, you will see the option

next to the supported configuration elements. Clicking on this marker opens a dialog for you, called 'Match to target object', which allows you to choose how to deploy the snapshot element of interest.

To change how a configuration element is deployed (->M option):

  1. Start a configuration snapshot deployment.

  2. On the Analyze phase, navigate to the Schemes tab, for example.

  3. Choose a scheme, which has the option →M.

  4. Click the →M option and then choose a target configuration element in the dialog.

  5. Click the Analyze button to confirm the changes.

Configuration Manager will reanalyze the configuration to reflect the new modifications made by you and will update the Analyze Configuration Changes page with the new information about the planned changes.

Audit Log

Configuration Manager captures and provides information in the Audit Log about all the modifications done by you during the deployment. You will be able to compare the configuration elements before and after the changes.