Widget User Interface

In this panel, you can set the following settings:

  • You can prevent chat users from adding messages to resolved issues. When this option is set, the user will see this popup in the conversation when the issue is resolved:
  • You can force displaying of the "welcome ribbon" to all chat users, not just the first time they open a page with chat widget, but every time. The ribbon looks like this:
  • You can prevent displaying of login/register reminder messages to chat users after they start conversations
  • You can allow anonymous users to leave messages without registering first, even if no agent is online
  • You can require the user to fill in a customizable form before starting the conversation. This is described in depth in the Forms page.

In addition to the above project settings, each user of the chat widget can configure these same UI elements themselves. Defaults for the UI elements are set up in the User Preference Defaults page.