Getting Started

Chat for Jira Service Management Server/Data Center lets you have direct live conversations with your customers. They can contact you through a customizable chat widget placed on your customer portal or on any web site.

Chats generate service requests and for every customer's message they generate a comment. Your comments in turn create messages that the customer sees in the chat. In your support queues, you can see which of your customers are currently online and require your immediate attention.

Your issue views are updated on-the-fly with customer's messages.

More features:

  • live updates of request queues with new and updated conversations
  • visibility of customers' online status through a custom field
  • ability to set online/offline status of your support team so that your customers know if you are available for chatting
  • full customization of the chat widget's look and feel
  • email integration - customers receive chat digest through email after the conversation