You can configure chat so that it requires the user to fill in a customizable form before starting a conversation. 

In that case, after clicking the New Conversation button in the chat widget:

The user is presented with a form like this:

When the user fills in all non-optional fields and click Submit and continue, they can continue conversation. The filled form is saved in the created issue's standard and custom fields.

Form Designer

The form that the user fills consists of issue field elements - filled values are saved as values of these fields in the Jira issue.

If you do not see the field that you want to include in the list, check if:

  • Field is on "Create Issue" screen of the issue type used by Chat
  • in Cloud version of Chat, the field must also be present on the "Edit Issue" screen for the same issue type
  • Field is either the Components standard field, or a custom field of one of the following types:
    • Text line
    • Text area
    • Checkboxes
    • Radio buttons
    • Single select
    • Multi select

Available fields are listed in the left column of the form designer:

After picking the fields that you want on the form, you can reorder fields, specify if they are to be mandatory or optional and also rename the label of the field from field name to some custom value that you want:

Below the form designer there is an instant form preview, allowing you to see how the form will be presented to the chat user:

The preview is fully interactive, meaning that you can fill the fields with values and you click Submit and continue to see if the form validation works the way you intended:

More Customization

You can customize the text in the header of the form, as well as the button's text - to do that, use Translating and Customizing Chat Messages page.

The Privacy statement link is taken from the Privacy Link global setting. Text on this link can also be customized on the Translating and Customizing Chat Messages page.