Workflow State


When a workflow is applied to a page or blog post, the content byline item showing the current workflow state is added to the page/blog heading.

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A workflow state is a milestone in your documentation process. At any one time, the content can only be in one state.

If you want to view the workflow currently applied to the page, choose Show Workflow from the page tools menu or Show workflow the workflow popup ellipsis action menu.

Each state in a workflow has

  • a unique name

  • a colored state byline circle

  • an (optional) description

A state can also have a number of attributes including

A single state in a workflow can be set as a final state.

Each state in a custom workflow can be edited using the workflow builder visual editor and/or the code editor.

Workflow state

The name of the current state of the page is shown next to a colored status indicator circle on the page.

Choose the state byline link to open the workflow popup.

Attributes for the state (state name or approval name if present, any added state description, expiration period) are displayed in the workflow popup.

State content review

In this state, Review, there is a content review transition.

For the Review state, the workflow popup displays

  • the content review (Review this page)

  • the Approve and Reject buttons

  • Add comment dialog box for the reviewer to include an optional note about their review decision

If the state content review is set to be assignable for reviewers

If the workflow content review is configured to automatically assign reviewers on transition into the state

  • avatars for the users who are assigned reviewers are displayed

State select transition

A workflow state can be configured to allow a user to select the destination state for the transition.

If the state is configured for this select type of transition, in the workflow popup, a user

  • selects the destination state from a dropdown menu

  • chooses the Submit button to transition the workflow

One or more states in the applied workflow can be configured in the workflow template as possible options for destination state. The select transition option and the content review transition cannot be added to the same state at any one time.


Final state

A single state in a workflow can be set as a final state. The default state byline circle for a final state is green.

Other state transitions

The final state is usually configured with a single transition actioned by the workflow when the page is updated. A good practice is having no transition that is actioned directly by the user - no content review or a select transition. The workflow popup in this case only contains a link to the document activity report.