Exporting Report Results

Exporting a Report

A complete Dataplane report, including both the chart and data table, can be exported to a PDF file for external viewing and sharing. The underlying report data can also be exported to a CSV or Excel file.

To export the currently viewed Dataplane report, click the Export toolbar dropdown and select PDF, CSV or Excel Format. A version of the report results in the selected file format will then begin downloading.

To export multiple Dataplane reports to a single PDF file, use Dataplane's Jira dashboard export feature.

Export Types

See the following pages for detailed information about each of the export types and their options:

Export TypeDescription
Exporting Results to PDFProduces a professionally-formatted PDF export, including all report charts and data tables.
Exporting Results to CSVGenerates a comma-separated-values text file containing the tabular data from the report.
Exporting Results to ExcelGenerates a native Excel .XLS file, which is the preferred choice for exporting to most spreadsheets.

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