Evaluating Dataplane

You have probably reached this page because you're wondering if Dataplane Reports is the right tool for getting metrics and reports out of Jira in order to more effectively run your projects and programs.

We've compiled a number of helpful resources to speed you through your product evaluation.

Are you using Atlassian's hosted Jira Cloud?  Unfortunately, Dataplane Reports is currently only available for Jira Server and Data Center (downloadable Jira) instances.

Evaluation Checklist

In just about an hour, you can get a thorough idea if Dataplane is the right solution for you.

Grab a coffee, and here we go:

1. The Basics (20 minutes)

Start by setting up a free 30-day trial version of Dataplane Reports on your Jira production or staging instance.

  1. Make sure your Jira instance meets the system requirements for running Dataplane Reports.

  2. Install the Dataplane Reports app in your Jira instance as you would any standard Jira app.
  3. Get your free 30-day evaluation license
  4. Configure Dataplane Reports if you have any language or unique environment needs.

2. Quick Start Guide (15 minutes)

Now that you have Dataplane installed and running, take a brief walk through all the main Dataplane functionality with our Quick Start Guide. In just minutes, you'll be generating useful metrics from your own Jira data.

3. Solutions (10 minutes)

Whether you need burn up charts, cumulative flow diagrams or epic rollup reporting, browse our Solutions Guide for these and other common reporting needs, and for a look at some of Dataplane's more advanced features.

4. Customizing Reports (10 minutes)

Dataplane includes a built-in scripting engine for advanced, programmatic customization of reports. Learn how Dataplane's Customizer Scripts give you the power to customize and extend your reports.

5. Meeting Your Needs

Dataplane Reports' dozens of built-in reports and easy-to-use interface were designed to meet the vast majority of your Jira reporting needs, out-of-the-box and intuitively, without requiring you to be a business analyst, data expert or Excel guru.

But when you need to be a power user, Dataplane delivers with:

Still have questions if Dataplane Reports can deliver the specific reports you need?

Send us your requirements! Our expert product team will review your goals and show you how to use Dataplane to get there.

Comparing Jira Reporting Products

You've made an excellent choice already by taking time to evaluate Dataplane Reports!

To make sure Dataplane reporting for Jira is the right tool for your organization, you may wish to evaluate some of the common alternatives customers consider before purchasing Dataplane:

ProductWho is this For?Comments, Comparisons and Reviews

Jira's built-in reporting and chart gadgets

Teams that only need a basic set of Jira dashboard charts to show the current state of projects & issues
  • basic charts and table gadgets for Jira dashboards
  • limited report types, configurability and history
  • cannot report on historical field values
  • no report management; cannot save, copy and share reports
  • cannot export report data
  • cannot schedule report emails

Intelligent Reports by Clarios Technology

Document-centric organizations that want to merge Jira data into Microsoft Word timesheets, progress reports and release notes
  • design report templates in Microsoft Word
  • comes with Word templates for some common report types; point and click Jira interface to customize templates
  • receive scheduled Microsoft Word reports via email

PDF View Plugin by Midori

Teams needing highly-customized report layout for PDF file invoicing, project meetings and client presentations
  • for exporting Jira issues to PDF documents, to share, print, email, archive and report issues
  • build your own PDF export templates to customize content and look
eazyBI by eazyOneSmall-to-medium size businesses; business analysts
  • for small-to-medium size businesses; performance and scalability problems in large Jira instances
  • drag-and-drop interface to create charts and tables from Jira field dimensions and measures; lots of charting options
  • not compatible with Jira's project and issue permissions/security model
  • requires scheduled imports of Jira data; does not report on Jira changes in realtime
  • good for analysts and engineers proficient with MDX calculation formulas and OLAP cube dimensions
  • available for Jira Cloud

Power Report by Valiantys

Engineers familiar with the BIRT open source reporting tool
  • integrates the BIRT open source report engine with Jira
  • build your own custom reports library in BIRT with features such as charts, drill-downs, input fields
  • export results in HTML, PDF, Word and Excel formats

All-In-One Reports for Jira by AARAMBH LLC

Project managers looking for out-of-the-box metrics and time tracking
  • drag-and-drop interface to customize reports with dimensions and measures
  • includes many out-of-the-box reports for timetracking, trends and project management
  • user timesheet overviews
  • can save and subscribe to reports

Microsoft Excel

Excel gurus
  • highly flexible chart building and custom calculation options
  • individual document-based; difficult to share report results
  • requires regular export of data from Jira
  • requires advanced Excel skills

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