Dataplane Administration

A number of global Dataplane settings can be configured by Jira administrators.

To access these settings, locate the main Jira navigation bar and navigate to Dataplane Reports » Administration.

If your Jira instance has many top-level navigation items available, the Dataplane Reports option may be displayed underneath a "More" option in the main navigation bar.

Before being permitted access to Dataplane Administration, Jira will prompt you to enter your password again to begin a WebSudo session.

The following tabs of settings are available within Dataplane Administration:

Configuration This contains the main application configuration options, including control of the Dataplane indexer, permissions to access Dataplane itself, permission to access Customizer Scripts, and default sharing options for newly-saved reports.
Support This tab contains support information and settings for Dataplane, including the ability to enable or disable application debug logging.
Dataplane Labs This contains settings for experimental features that can be optionally enabled.

Initial Configuration

After installing Dataplane for the first time, administrators should start on the Configuration tab to build the Dataplane index.

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