System Requirements

This page describes the system requirements for Dataplane 2.12.x. Using a different version of Dataplane?  

Jira Compatibility

See the Dataplane Reports Version History page on Atlassian Marketplace to find the most recent version of Dataplane that is compatible with your Jira version.

Jira Server

Atlassian support for the Jira Server product ends February 15, 2024, as will our support for using Dataplane Reports on Jira Server.

This does not affect using Jira Data Center, or using Dataplane Reports on Jira Data Center.

If you're using Dataplane Reports on Jira Server, here are your options for continued use of Dataplane Reports:

  • Continue using existing releases of Dataplane Reports on Jira Server as long as you wish, however we will not be publishing new releases of Dataplane Reports for Jira Server after February 15, 2024.
  • Have you decided to move to Jira Data Center? Upgrade to the Data Center version of Dataplane Reports for Jira.
  • Are you planning a migration to Cloud? To move your Dataplane reports to Cloud, see our documentation on Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

Contact our support team if you have any questions.

Jira Data Center

Dataplane Reports is fully compatible with Jira Data Center—Atlassian's clustered, multiple-node, high-availability solution for enterprise Jira customers.

Atlassian Cloud

See Migrating to Atlassian Cloud for the latest information on working with Dataplane reports in Cloud.

Java Compatibility

Dataplane's Java compatibility requirements are the same as Atlassian Jira:

Database Compatibility

Jira's built-in H2 and HSQLDB—bundled with Jira for evaluation purposes only—are not supported.

You must switch to a production database before you will be able to use Dataplane.

Dataplane's database requirements are otherwise the same as Atlassian Jira:

The following are additional, Dataplane-specific database recommendations, which may differ from your current Jira database configuration.

Jira Database

Additional Recommendations and Requirements


Performance tuning of your my.cnf file is strongly recommended but not required. We also recommend granting certain specific privileges to your MySQL database user.

All of these changes are optional and Dataplane will function without any additional configuration, but on moderate-to-large Jira installations, failure to perform this MySQL tuning may cause some reports to run very slowly.

See MySQL Database Performance Tuning for details.

PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server

No special configuration is needed. 

Database Sizing

Dataplane Reports stores all its data in the same database used by Jira.

Depending on the type of Jira issues you have, Dataplane's data storage could potentially double your Jira database size or more.

We recommend checking your database server to ensure that you have sufficient space available before installing Dataplane and running the Dataplane indexer.

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