Power Utilities™

Automate your daily operations by using additional conditions, validators, post and JQL functions.

The Power Utilities™ app was developed to simplify your Jira daily configuring by using additional conditions, validators, post and JQL functions.

Use additional conditions and validators to check a variety of formats and input criteria

  • Regex Validator
  • Unique Validator
  • JQL Validator
  • Singular Status Validator
  • Links Validator
  • Comment Validator
  • Limit By Status Condition 
  • Has Attachments Condition
  • Has Links Condition

Take the advantage of post-functions to automate routine tasks

  • Issue Clone post-function
  • Assign to Workflow Step Actor post-function – assigns a ticket to the user who performed the previous workflow step
  • Assign Post Function Screen/ Assign From Field – assigns tickets to a user from a custom field
  • Estimate Post Function/ Set Original Estimation – copies value from the custom field to the original estimation.

Additional JQL functions enable you to customize your search

  • My commented tickets
  • Ticket subtasks
  • Ticket parent
  • Transitions by date, user, group
  • And many others

Enjoy other features to ease your daily work

  • Estimate custom field
  • Attachment listener
  • Workflow Viewer
  • Saved Filters Viewer

Documentation will help ensure that Admins have sufficient information, while our support will help you with any additional questions.

And if you have an idea for what you would like to have in the app - we're just one click away.

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