JSU for Jira Cloud - June 2023 Release Notes

Our Product team is happy to release the following product improvements this month. JSU for Jira Cloud is available from the Atlassian Marketplace.

What’s new

JSU workflow rule and project count added to the My Workflows page

My Workflows now displays the total number of JSU workflow rules and associated projects.

My Workflow's page with the new rule count as described on this page.

Additional support for copying source fields

Support for the following special source fields has been added to JSU Cloud:

  • *** current user ***

  • *** previous user ***

  • *** current datetime ***

These fields have been added to facilitate migrations from JSU Server/Data Center to JSU Cloud. You can select special copy sources when defining a field value to copy when configuring a Create a Linked Issue, Linked Transition, and Copy Value From Other Field post functions. For example, use the new *** Current User *** field to set the ID of the original issue’s Reporter to the Reporter field in the newly created issue.

Learn more about special sources for copying field values in the JSU Cloud documentation.

Improved support for migrating JSU Server/Data Center data with Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA)

You can now migrate a Create a Linked Issue post function that has been configured with a custom field to enable the linked issue creation without additional post-migration tasks.

In JSU Server/Data Center the Create a Linked Issue post function includes an option for a custom field to require a value to allow the creation of a new issue. This acts as a condition for the post function. Previously, following a migration of this configuration you would need to reconfigure the post function with a JSU Cloud precondtion.

Learn more about migrating your JSU rules in our guide to JCMA.


  • Reduced the threshold for infinite loop detection:
    The time threshold for determining when an infinite loop is identified for a JSU rule has been reduced from 5 minutes to 2 minutes for the Create a Linked Issue post function. It remains 1 minute for the Linked Transition and Followup Transition post functions. See Infinite Loop Detection to learn more.

Bug fixes

  • Create a Linked Issue post function:

    • Fixed an issue where the Assignee field was not updated on the destination issue when using a user picker field value for the Copy to New or Copy Within Origin sub-functions.

    • Fixed an issue where an error message was incorrectly displayed when no error was detected for a post function configured with the Copy to New sub-function.

    • Fixed an issue with copying the Components field when the target project was defined by a custom field.

  • My Workflows Feedback dropdown menu:
    Fixed an issue with the behavior of the feedback options dropdown.