JSU for Jira Cloud - May 2023 Release Notes

May 2023

Our Product team is happy to release the following product improvements this month. JSU for Jira Cloud is available from the Atlassian Marketplace.

What’s new

JSU is now compatible with Jira Dark theme

JSU now seamlessly displays in a dark theme to match your Personal Jira settings.

JSU displays in dark theme if:

  • You select the Dark theme in your Personal Jira settings, or

  • You select the Match System theme, and your system settings are set to dark mode

Example of the JSU Get Started page displayed in dark theme.


  • Override option for infinite loop detection: When an infinite loop is detected, and the execution is paused, you can override the detection mechanism and continue with the execution of the post function. See Infinite Loop Detection to learn more.

Bug fixes

  • Create a Linked Issue post function:

    • Fixed an issue where an issue type custom field was not processed correctly and returned an execution error.