My Workflows

My Workflows provides a single-page overview of your saved JSU workflow rules including the projects and transitions where they have been enabled. This lets you quickly see how JSU has been implemented across your entire instance, enabling faster workflow management, and informing any plans and changes at a glance.

You can access the My Workflows page directly from JSU’s Global Navigation bar or your Jira admin Apps sidebar menu.

My Workflows showing an expanded view for a project.

Workflow rules are listed in order by project name. Expand the project row to view a summary of your JSU workflow rule:

  • Rule name: the name of the component assigned, e.g. Create Issue Link, or User is in any Users

  • Rule type: the type of component assigned, e.g. post function, or condition

  • Issue types: the type of issues that have been assigned the rule

  • Transitions: the transition(s) that has been assigned for the rule action

  • History new: the last five execution results for your JSU rules. We capture results for post functions; results for conditions and validators are not yet supported. To view the Execution Log for a particular rule, select the corresponding result icon. The Execution Log is displayed in a new tab.

If you want to see more information or make any changes to the rule, click the Rule Name link to go directly to the corresponding workflow transition.