JSU for Jira Cloud - April 2023 Release Notes

April 2023

Our Product team is happy to release the following product improvements this month. JSU is available from the Atlassian Marketplace.

What’s new

Customized Get Started page 

We have customized the Get Started page to present more personalized use cases based on your answers to the onboarding survey. If you have not been surveyed, your Get Started page will not change.

Execution messages

You can now choose to see visual feedback when a rule is triggered and when the execution is complete. Pop-up messages are displayed when viewing the issue that triggered the rule. Messages are displayed only to Jira administrators who have triggered the rule. If there are multiple rules executed within the same time frame, a summary message is displayed.

Evaluation licenses have execution messages enabled by default. You can enable or disable this feature on your JSU Settings page.

Notification that a rule was triggered
Notification that the rule was successfully executed

Why have we added this feature?

We have added this to provide immediate confirmation that your JSU rules are being triggered as expected. Once you have configured a rule, the execution messages help you see when JSU has performed the action or if there were errors with your configuration. This is particularly useful when you are getting started with JSU or when testing your rules before making changes to a production instance.

Bug fixes

  • Create a Linked Issue post function:

    • Resolved an issue where the post function would fail when using the Fix Version field to copy to the new issue if a new version was required

    • Resolved an issue where a value set for Epic field was not copied to the new issue

    • Resolved an issue where the issue key was not copied to a new issue

  • Copy Value From Any Field post function:

    • Resolved an issue where the field value was not copied to a new issue when a Single Select custom field was defined for the origin issue

  • Calculated Field post function:

    • Resolved a pagination issue where the post function did not correctly sum values from all issues in an epic when the number of issues was greater than 50

  • Copy/Move Attachments post function:

    • Resolved an issue where attachments added during the transition were not copied

  • Field Required precondition:

    • Resolved an issue where the post function was executed even when the check failed on a required Description field

  • Execution Log:

    • Resolved an issue where JSU incorrectly stated issues had been updated when no issues had been updated for that execution