JSU for Jira Cloud - February 2023 Release Notes

February 2023

Our Product team is happy to release the following product improvements this month. JSU is available from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Release date: Feb 16, 2023

What’s new

Execution Log

  • We have introduced the Execution Log, a new report that displays details for your JSU rule executions. It includes the result, when the rule was executed, the rule name, and the Performed As user. The Result column lets you easily see if the rule was executed successfully or if it encountered any errors. You can then expand a failure event to view details on the error and possible solutions.   Learn more in our user documentation.

    The Execution Log default view.

My Workflows rule history

  • My Workflows now shows the last five execution results for your JSU rules. Currently, we capture results for post functions; results for conditions and validators are not yet supported. Results are represented by a green check for success or a red x for failure. To view the Execution Log for a particular rule, select the corresponding result icon. The Execution Log is displayed in a new tab.

    My Workflows page showing rule history in expanded view.