JSU for Jira Cloud - March 2023 Release Notes

Our Product team is happy to release the following product improvements this month. JSU is available from the Atlassian Marketplace.

What’s new

Clear Field Value added to the Universal Rule Builder (URB)

  • We have added the Clear Field Value functionality to our beta Universal Rule Builder.  This provides you with a faster and simpler way to use this post function in your workflows.
    Limitations: The URB version of this post function can be configured only for the same issue. There are no issue relation options. Learn more about the URB in our user documentation.

    Example rule using the Clear Field Value action to clear the Assignee field following the Submit transition.

This release does not impact any of your existing rules. You can continue to edit your workflows with the legacy version of the Clear Field Value post function.

Bug fixes

  • Update Any Issue Field post function: Issue Field (User Picker - single user) is now correctly updated with %%CURRENT_USER%% when Append Value is selected.

  • Fixed the rendering of the Execution Log message for the Create a Linked Issue post function. The Execution Log now clearly identifies both the created and updated issues where applicable.

  • Fixed an issue with the Create a Linked Issue post function where the post function did not respect the sibling status of an issue and the origin issue was transitioned.