Execution logs

Execution logs are generated by every JMWE Extension (Conditions, Validators, and Post functions) when executed. These log files enable Jira administrators to monitor workflow extensions and provide detailed information about each execution at runtime. This information includes the extension, the issue to which the extension is attached, when the extension was triggered, and more.

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Navigate to the Execution log page by going to Jira Settings → Manage Apps and selecting Execution logs in the right-hand panel (under the Jira Misc Workflow Extensions). The Execution logs page will open.

Recent executions

You can use the Execution logs chart to monitor successful executions and any errors or warnings in the last seven days. By default, any executions with errors or warnings are displayed in the chart; however, the chart can be filtered to display only specific executions - Successes, Errors, or Warnings using the checkboxes to the right.

Additionally, there are several actions that can be performed on log files, available through the Actions menu above the Recent executions chart. These actions include:

  • Acknowledge logs - This marks the log as reviewed, which greys them out in the list but does not delete them.

  • Delete logs - This will delete all logs of a specific type (Successes, Warnings, or Errors); clicking the Delete logs button will open a confirmation box where the type of log to be deleted can be selected and confirmed.

  • Download logs - This will download all logs of the selected type (or types) in JSON format.

Filter Results

The table of execution logs include filters for every column; click the column header to open the filter menu for that column. You can filter by any combination of factors, including:

  • Status - Filter by Successes, Warnings, and Errors.

  • Date - Execution times can be displayed by the user’s local time (set under the user’s profile) or it can be displayed using UTC time.

  • Issue - Filter by Issue Key.

  • Workflow extension - Filter by workflow extension name; enter an extension name or use the pulldown menu to select an extension.

  • Triggered by - Filter by the user who triggered the extension.

Figure 1 - Execution Logs

Log Entries

The table view (Figure 1, above) aggregates and displays information about the execution logs generated by the JMWE add-on. This table includes the following information:

  • Status - Displays the type of execution - Errors, Warnings, or Success. You can click on the specific execution status you are interested in to get more information about the execution.

  • Date - Displays the time of execution.

  • Issue - The link to the associated issue.

  • Workflow extension - The name and type of the workflow extension.

  • Context - Displays the information about the transition and the workflow associated with the execution.

  • Triggered by - Information about the user who triggered the execution.

  • View - Opens a modal window detailing more information on the execution, including context and stack trace. See Detail view below for more information.

Figure 2 - Log Detail View

Detail View

Clicking the View link in the list of execution logs will open a modal window showing the full details of the log (pictured above). This window includes the specific error message or warning (if any) as well as the option to fetch and display detailed Jira log information.

Lastly, logs can also be acknowledged using the Acknowledge button, which will mark them as reviewed and grey them out in the Recent executions list.

Success logs often include additional information related to the execution of a post-function. For example:

  • When an issue is skipped due to Conditional execution configurations, the Detail View will show the number of issues that were skipped. Additionally, the Jira logs will include specific details on which issues were skipped.

View recent executions in the Transition editor

It is possible to view only the execution logs for a specific transition entity (e.g., a Condition, Validator, or Post Function).

  1. Open the transition and select the Conditions/Validators/Post Functions tab, depending on the execution log to be viewed.

  2. The ‘Recent execution logs’ associated with each JMWE workflow extension are listed underneath the JMWE entity (see screenshot, below). From this list, current and previous versions of the execution can be viewed.

  3. Click on an execution status to get more information about that execution log.

Execution Logs displayed in Jira Transition Editor
Executions in Transition Editor

Configure Logs Storage

  1. From the Jira menu, go to Manage Apps.

  2. In the left sidebar, under the Jira Misc Workflow Extensions section, click the JMWE Configuration link.

  3. Locate the Logs storage section towards the bottom of the page.

  4. Select the number of recent logs to be stored for each workflow extension.

  5. Additionally, select the number of error logs to keep for each workflow extension.

  6. Click Update Settings.

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