Groovy Console

This page allows you to run Groovy scripts against Jira issues without needing to edit a workflow transition. Navigate to the page using Jira Administration → Manage apps → Groovy Console.

Perform the following:

  1. Type: Select one of the following options:

  2. Groovy script: Enter a Groovy script or template depending on the Type selected. For more information on how to use this editor, refer to Groovy Editor in JMWE.
    To test the input:

    1. Click Test Groovy Script or Test Groovy Template to navigate to the Test Groovy Script or Test Groovy Template window respectively, where you can select Jira issues.

    2. Select the Issue key and/or optionally Linked issue key, Parent issue key to select the issue on which the Groovy input is run. You can also click Select issue to navigate to Issue selector to select an issue.

    3. Click Test to verify if your script (or template) runs successfully or not.
      For more information, refer to Groovy script tester in JMWE.

Ensure the Groovy script or template inserted into the editor matches the Type selected. If not, a warning message is displayed notifying you to modify the input type.