History log

The History Log allows you to trace, import, and export activity for an instance. It displays the date and time of the event along with the user who performed the action, the type of event, and the result. For each successful event, you can download its corresponding files.

To view the History Log, select Manage Apps from the Jira Administration menu then select History Log under Project Configurator in the left sidebar.

The Manage Apps tab, in the Administration window. The History Log option is highlighted in the left sidebar.

Records are displayed in date order with the most recent record displayed first. A maximum of 10 records is displayed per page. Use the navigation at the bottom of the page to view older records.

To download a file for a particular event, click the corresponding Ellipses icon in the Actions column, then select the required file. The Reload button next to the History Log allows you to capture any events that may occur while you have the History Log open, perhaps in another browser tab.

An example History Log. The Ellipsis action option is highlighted.

Keep your file storage capacity in mind

Some processes result in large files and if there is not enough space to capture the files, your process could fail. The History Log can help you identify files that are no longer required, allowing you to free up space if needed.