Box details


The information dialog shows Box details, including:

  • ID

  • Name

  • Start / End date (resulting from the Box schedule)

  • Task period alignment


You can configure the Task period alignment in the Box configuration > Tasks > Scheduling, which requires a box admin security role.

Box ID

Click on the icon next to the ID to copy it, and use it in the Board – Scope synchronization configuration. Then, copy the information to the clipboard and paste it into the "Value" field to quickly configure the Board.

Box Status

You can change the status of the Box using the status drop-down or the right-click drop-down. The status related properties are described below:

Box status


Box status


Not started

When you set the Timebox status to "Not started," you can:

  • modify the scope and objectives

  • set the Planned Business Value for objectives

In Progress

When you set the Timebox status to "In Progress," you can:

  • modify the scope and objectives

  • set both Planned and Actual Business Value for objectives


When you set the Timebox status to "Closed":

  • you cannot modify the scope and objectives

  • you can set both Planned and Actual Business Value for objectives

For example, "SL Sprint 1" is closed, and when a task is dragged, it is not marked as a droppable area:

Task period alignment

To learn more about this feature, go to the Task period alignment page.

The dates of the tasks assigned to a Box using the Board Module, for example, can align with Box dates or stay within the limits of a Box. Thanks to this functionality, you can display your tasks on a timeline in the Gantt, or Resources Modules, or any other module that allows the fields configured as Start and End dates to be displayed: