Report configuration

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To edit the charts, enter the Edit mode of the Reports panel (click the pencil icon on the left).

Only a Box Editor or a Box Admin can activate the Edit mode on the Reports panel.

Add reports

To add a report, enter the Edit mode and click the '+' (Add report) button.

Now, you can either:

  1. Double-click the report icon.

  2. Select a report and click the Create button.

Each row can fit up to three different charts. There is no limit on the number of sections (rows).

You can change the order of the charts displayed in a section by using the drag-and-drop function.

Delete reports

Enter the Edit mode and select the trash can icon on the report to delete a report.

Note: Reports that take a long to generate can be deleted at any time.

Edit reports


Click the Edit report configuration button (the pencil icon on the selected report) to edit the chart content. This will display the configuration window for the given report.


Use the Edit report size to make adjustments. 


You can move a report into a different position using the drag-and-drop mechanism. Reports can be moved only in the Edit mode.

Note: Reports that take a long to generate can be edited at any time.

Temporary change of the visualization for the Task report

Any user (even Box Viewer) can temporarily change the visualization of the Task report (the change will be rolled back after refreshing the page).

Select the appropriate chart icon on the Task report (you do not need to be in the Edit mode).

You can select a Pie chart (recommended for percentage data), Column view (recommended for summary data), or Tree View visualization (recommended for multi-level data).


You can auto-refresh your data every 1 minute and 30 seconds.

When auto-refresh is turned off, you need to reload the page to see changes in the project (F5 or Cmd+R).

Presentation view (Lightbox)

You can switch to the presentation view to show an enlarged chart. For more information, refer to this article.