Show/hide scope of lower level Boxes


There are several ways in which you can use the Board module. You might want to display all your tasks on the upper level, whether top-down or bottom-up.

For example, planning can be done first at the Program Increment level (upper level) – you can start with planning features and then break them down into stories. You can hide/show tasks planned in lover-level Boxes to make planning easier. 

Show all tasks

When the filter button is not pressed (light grey background, dark icon), all tasks are displayed, including tasks planned for lower-level Boxes.

Hide lower-level tasks

When the filter button is pressed (dark grey background, white icon), you see only tasks planned on the level you are currently viewing. Tasks planned for lower-level Boxes are hidden.

The filter button doesn't affect the backlog on the right - only the cards displayed in the Board module. Backlog has its own separate show/hide lower-level tasks button.

Reporting Using the Full Scope

When you enable the Report functionality, charts will be generated for each Timebox. But, since some of your tasks might have already been planned on the lower level, they will not be included as the source data. To capture the entire scope of the upper-level Timebox, enable the "Show full scope" feature.

Use the "Show full scope" feature to generate reports for the whole PI, including the Iteration level.