Filter Issues during Snapshot Creation


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With Configuration Manager, you can create project snapshots containing project issues matching a JQL filter. When you create a project with issues snapshot, you can define a JQL query to include only a subset of the project issues.

Use Cases

You can create snapshots with filtered issues to achieve the following use cases:

  • Enhanced archiving - archive just the issues you need in а few easy steps. Learn more about incremental issue archiving.

  • Split large snapshots - Learn more about migrating large projects.

When migrating large projects, you can choose to split the project issues into several snapshots. E.g., split a project with 500K issues into five snapshots of 100K issues.

How it works

Easily filter the project issues by defining a JQL query during snapshot creation and produce the snapshots you need.

The entered JQL query will be merged with the default JQL query that is formed by the projects you choose to include in the snapshot. Your JQL query will be executed only on the selected projects.

To filter issues during snapshot creation:

  1. Log in as a user with the Jira System Administrators global permission.

  2. Choose the cog icon at the top right of the screen, then choose Configuration Manager:

  3. Select Snapshots to open the Configuration Snapshots page.

  4. Choose the Create Snapshot button.

  5. On the snapshot creation page, select Project with Issues.

  6. In the JQL Filter field, enter a JQL query to filter the project issues. The Issues counter displays how many issues match the JQL filter and will be included in the snapshot. The default JQL query formed by selecting projects for the snapshot is displayed above the JQL filter field.

  7. Go back to Configuration Snapshots page and check your snapshot.

    In the Issues column, you can see how many filtered issues your snapshot contains and the JQL query is displayed in a tooltip.

Deploy snapshots with filtered issues

When deploying snapshots with filtered issues, you can see that the JQL filter is visible on the Deploy page. By deploying such snapshots, you archive or add only the needed issues to a target Jira instance.