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Filters in Project Snapshots

Configuration Manager allows you to include filters in snapshots (project or system). For project snapshots, you can perform this on the Filters page (second page) of the snapshot creation wizard.

Include Project Filters

On the Select phase of the snapshot creation wizard, you can use Configuration Manager's Include Project Filters option.

The Include Project Filters option automatically includes all filters with direct references to the projects in the snapshot.

Direct project reference means that the filter contains the snapshot project(s) in the "project" operand in the JQL syntax, or if the filter has a “project != “ clause that does not include the snapshot project (e.g. a filter with clause “project != D” applies to all projects but 'D').

If you enable the Include Project Filters option, you will be allowed to select additional filters on the Filters page of the Create Configuration Snapshot wizard.

Include Selected Filters

If you want to include only specific filters in the snapshot and not all project filters, do not enable the Include Project Filters option. On the Filters page of the Create Configuration Snapshot wizard, select the filters you would like to include in the snapshot.

Preview Snapshot Details

On the Preview page of the wizard, you can review the snapshot details and the selected filters. You can also exclude filters from the snapshot.

On this page, you will see listed only the additional/explicitly selected filters in the snapshot.

After you click the Create button, a message is displayed with a summary of the snapshot and its status.

Error Handling

Configuration Manager warns you about potential problems related to the filters during a snapshot creation or deployment. You can use this information to take measures to avoid future configuration errors.

External References

When filters are included, some of them may refer to configuration objects that are not part of this snapshot's project configuration. In this case, a warning message will be presented with a link to the Audit log page, where more details are available.

Snapshots with warnings can still be deployed. If the configurations missing from the snapshot are not present on the target system, a warning will be shown during the analysis phases in the deployment wizard. The filter will still be deployed, but will not be fully functional. You can review the filter after the deployment

Missing Configuration Objects

During deployment, if configuration objects referenced by filters in the snapshot are missing on the target system, a warning is shown with the names of the filter and the missing object.

Filters in System Snapshots

You can also include all filters when you create snapshots of System Configuration. On the Select phase of the snapshot creation wizard, you can use Configuration Manager's Include all Filters option.

Enable the Include all Filters option to include all filters from the system in the snapshot.