Snapshot Integrity Check

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If you are a Jira admin of an instance with a thousand projects, for example, and you have to move a few of them, you can benefit from the snapshot-specific integrity check.

Instead of having to deal with all the errors in the Jira configuration, you can narrow down and fix only the integrity errors in the scope of the snapshot.

  • Configuration Manager checks the snapshot configuration integrity. It does not allow errors to sneak into the snapshot and spread to the target instance.

  • If your snapshot fails, you can run a snapshot integrity check. It will list all errors and help resolve them.

  • Resolving the errors is a must for a successful snapshot creation, warnings are optional.

How it works

When Configuration Manager detects configuration errors during snapshot creation, you will have the option to Run a snapshot integrity check. This link opens the Integrity Check page and checks only the configuration of the particular snapshot.

The snapshot integrity check page will let you rerun the integrity check as many times as you like until you are sure you resolved all errors in the snapshot.

Snapshots List

When a snapshot creation fails because of a configuration integrity error, you will see a status message Failed due to configuration errors in the Details column of the snapshot.

You can also run the integrity check in the scope of a specific failed snapshot by using the Run Integrity Check option in the Actions column of the Snapshots page.

After you resolve the errors with the assistance of Configuration Manager, there is no need to go through the whole Snapshot creation wizard again. You can use the Recreate action to create a new snapshot using the same options and just provide a new name for your snapshot.

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