What is a Configuration Object

What is a configuration object?

A configuration object or configuration element represents a part of the Jira configuration. For example, a configuration could be a workflow, a custom field, a project, a scheme (workflow scheme, issue type scheme, screen scheme, etc.), and more.

Learn more about the configuration objects that Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) supports.

Root Configuration Objects

Knowing which objects are considered root configuration objects will help you better understand the process of creating and deploying snapshots. That’s because when deploying a snapshot with CMJ, you’ll only be given differences between root objects to review.

Root configuration objects contain child configuration objects within them. So, by understanding which objects are root and child, you can make better judgments when deciding which ones to keep and which to merge.

Root and child objects

Examples of root configuration objects are project, workflow, issue type, etc.

Examples of child configuration objects are version, component, post-function, condition, etc.