Document Activity Upgrade



Comala Document Management 7 and later (data center only app) use Document Activity to record workflow events and activity.

Workflow data in existing spaces with an applied workflow prior to installation of the data center only app need to have the workflow data updated to use document activity capabilities.

The Document Activity Upgrade console allows Confluence Administrators to

  • complete pre-upgrade data checks to validate the existing page activity in their instance, and

  • estimate the time for the data upgrade for each space data to support planning for the data upgrade process

  • upgrade the data in each space to utilize document activity

The Activity Upgrade console is available from Comala Document Management 6.17+ release to enable the running of pre-upgrade data checks prior to an install of Comala Document Management 7.0 or later (Data Center only).

The following spaces in your data center instance automatically utilize document activity

  • new spaces on the application of a workflow in the space

  • existing spaces without an applied workflow (prior to installation of the data center-only app) on the application of a workflow to a page or blog post in the space

Activity Upgrade console

In Confluence Admin, choose Comala Document Management > Upgrade Activity.

The Document Activity Upgrade console allows you to identify the current spaces that use Comala Document Management workflows and require upgrading.

The console runs pre-upgrade checks to

  • select one or more spaces to check and upgrade

  • validate your existing data in the selected spaces

  • provide estimates of the time to complete the upgrade for each space

  • run data upgrades for spaces (only available when the Comala data center app is installed)


The Activity Upgrade console table displays

  • a list of the spaces that need upgrading

  • the total number of pages in each space

  • the total number of pages with workflow activity in each space

  • the current upgrade check/upgrade status

A summary of the console table can be copied using the option in the Pre-upgrade checks statistics dialog box.

Only spaces with workflow events or activity are listed in the console. Only these spaces have a document activity upgrade status.

Once the check has been completed and no errors are identified the selected space(s) can be upgraded to use document activity data.

Run the document activity pre-upgrade checks

To run the upgrade checks

  • select one or more spaces listed in the console

  • choose Run checks

A progress bar displays the upgrade check progress for each selected space.

A global administrator can cancel an in-progress pre-upgrade check by clicking on the progress bar for each individual space.

This can be done, for example, to mitigate any performance impact.

Pre-upgrade check errors

The console displays the following warning message if a pre-upgrade error has been found in one or more spaces.

Upgrade validation pre-upgrade check errors for a space are displayed in the Status column. This includes

  • unsuccessful status

  • date and time of the validation check

  • estimated time duration for any upgrade

  • number of pages in space where errors where validation errors were found

A link to download a Support Package is also added to each space listing where an error has been found.

If a validation pre-upgrade check error occurs

  • download the Support Package for each space with a validation error

  • contact Appfire Support and include the Support Package as an attachment to this request.

Pre-upgrade checks Rest API

REST API endpoints are provided for customers and partners to manage and run pre-upgrade checks.

Data upgrade in each space

After installing the data center-only version of the app, one or more spaces can be upgraded in the document activity upgrade console

  • Confluence data center Read-only mode must be enabled to run the data upgrade

  • choosing the Upgrade button runs data pre-check and upgrade in a single action

Enable Read-only mode

In Confluence global administration, under Administration

  • choose Maintenance

  • select Edit

  • check the box to enable Read-only mode

  • choose Submit

Navigate to the Comala app global Upgrade Activity screen

  • check the checkbox for each space(s) to be upgraded

  • choose Upgrade

On completion of the process, the Status column displays the upgrade status, date and time of upgrade, and duration of the process.

  • new spaces created or later automatically use document activity (and there is no need to run any data upgrade process)

  • existing spaces with no previous workflow activity automatically use document activity on the application of a workflow to any page in the space. The space is then displayed in the Activity Upgrade console with an Upgrade successful status

Space data status

The space data status is displayed in the document activity console.

Accessing workflow events in spaces

Space with no previous workflow events

Non-upgraded space with previous workflow events

Upgrade successful status space with workflow events

Moving upgraded pages and non-upgraded pages to other spaces