Document activity macro


Add one or more document activity macros to a document (page or blog post) to display dynamic information for the document activity for the workflow on a page.

The document activity macro information for the lifecycle of the workflow events on the document is shown as a table with the following columns

  • User

  • Action

  • State

  • Comments

  • Date

  • Version

The version includes a link to the document version.

Configure the macro to display different data columns and the maximum number of document activity entries.

The document activity macro is only displayed on the page if a workflow is applied.

Adding the macro to a page

Edit the page and type /doc and select the document activity macro option.

Choose Document Activity to add the macro to the draft page.

Any current document activity is previewed in the macro on the draft page if a workflow is active on the page.

The default number of document activity entries displayed in the report is 25.

Configuring the macro

The macro can be configured to display a maximum number of document activity entries for the document.

On the published document, the document activity for the current document is displayed if a workflow has been applied to the document.

If no workflow is currently applied or there is no document activity an empty report is displayed on the published document.

The maximum number of document activity entries can be set for the report. The maximum number to be shown in the macro report is 100.
If there are more entries than the set maximum limit the macro will display

  • up to the defined limit of entries

  • together with the following message with a link to the document activity report on the page with the additional entries

Showing most recent entries. There are more records in the Document Activity.”

Use with other macros

On the draft page, add the document activity macro as a table value in the page properties macro.

The page properties report macro can then be added to a page to report on the added values.

Exporting pages to pdf and Word

The document activity macro table of information is included when exporting to pdf or Word.

  • user avatars are not included in the pdf or Word export

  • links are included to the Confluence version related to each document activity entry

Only the number of document activity entries specified in the macro configuration are included in the export. The link to the full Document Activity Report is not included in the pdf.