Workflow translator for cloud


This is an initial release of our Workflow Translator for Cloud. Further versions will have greater capability. For example, support for the translation of further server workflow elements and parameters to cloud compatible JSON code.

A data center/server workflow can be translated into cloud compatible JSON code using Workflow Translator for Cloud available in workflow builder.

This feature can be disabled and hidden in workflow builder by the global admin configuration for the app (v6.18.0 or later).

The workflow cloud compatible JSON code can be copied and then added to a cloud site space using the app workflow code editor in cloud.

As some product features in Cloud are different to data center/server, the workflow builder cloud translator will not translate all the elements and parameters of the data center/server workflow into a cloud compatible JSON workflow.

Workflow Translator for Cloud is available when accessing workflow builder for a workflow in the global workflows dashboard; the space settings document management dashboard; and on a page with an applied page workflow.

Workflow Cloud translator view

The workflow cloud translator button (if enabled) is displayed in the workflow builder navigator panel.

Choose the Cloud Translator button in the workflow builder navigation panel to view the current workflow in the cloud translator.

Choose the Translate button to translate and display the cloud compatible JSON code for the workflow in the Translated Workflow dialog box.

Any workflow elements or parameters that are not translated to cloud compatible code by the tool are listed in the Messages dialog box.

Select copy icon next to the Translated workflow box title to copy the workflow cloud compatible JSON code to the clipboard.

Paste the cloud compatible code to the Comala Document Management Cloud workflow code editor in a space in your cloud site (or paste as a text to a text/code editor for storage).

Workflow elements translated to cloud compatible JSON

Workflow translator for cloud translates the following elements and their parameters of a server workflow into cloud compatible code.

  • Workflow

    • name

    • description (if present

    • state

      • name

      • description (if present)

      • final

      • color

      • due date 6.18.0+

    • state transitions

      • select*

      • approved

      • rejected

      • updated

      • expired

    • approval

      • name

      • description ((if present)

      • approve button label (if present)

      • reject button label (if present)

      • credentials 6.18.0+

      • minimum 6.18.0+

      • assignable 6.18.0+

      • user 6.18.0+

      • group 6.18.0+

      • selectedapprover and selectedapprovers 6.18.0+

    • workflow parameters 6.18.0+

What is not translated to cloud compatible code?

Unsupported workflow elements not included in the cloud compatible JSON code translation

Workflow JSON code triggers can be created and used in a cloud but these have different functionality to those in server.

In cloud, unsupported parameters include

For the workflow

  • header parameter

  • footer parameter

For a workflow state

  • hideselection parameter

    • not available in cloud

  • hidefrompath parameter

    • cannot be hidden from the progress bar in the workflow popup

  • taskable parameter

    • manual addition of workflow tasks by a user is not supported

  • changeduedate parameter

    • user by default can edit the due date for a state

Use workflow translator

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