Editing and customizing workflows using code


A Comala Document Management workflow is created using JSON (Javascript Object Notation) code.

There are two places you may create or customize an existing Comala Document Management workflow by editing or adding code

The workflow builder visual editor can also be used to create or edit workflows without the need to add/edit code directly. Changes in one editor are automatically updated when the workflow is viewed in the other editor.

Creating a workflow with JSON

If you are familiar with JSON code you can use the Comala Document Management code editor to edit an existing workflow or create your own.

There are also a variety of widely available JSON tools for editing reformatting, validating, and parsing JSON. These can then be copied and pasted into the Workflow schema dialog box in the Comala Document Management code editor.

The code editor can be accessed for the current workflow in the space document management dashboard

  • using the Use Code Editor option in the Edit workflow dropdown menu

Creating a JSON trigger

A simpler way to customize a workflow is to add one or JSON triggers to an existing workflow using the trigger editor in workflow builder visual editor.

In the Content Expiry Workflow above, an included JSON trigger can be seen in workflow builder. The trigger listens for the expiry of the final state and sends emails to a number of users and sets a screen message.

The trigger listens for a specific workflow event to occur such as a change of state, and if any set conditions are met, will action a change.

A trigger can be used to action custom email notifications, set an on-screen message notification, transition the workflow to a different state, assign a reviewer, approve or reject an approval

Changes to a workflow bundled with the installation must be saved with a new name. The bundled workflows included on installation of the app cannot be overwritten.

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