How to display SVG attachments in Confluence

Confluence Server Access Required

This needs to be done by the Confluence Administrator.


  1. Go to your Confluence server and find the directory where Confluence was installed.
  2. Edit <confluence-install-directory>/confluence/WEB-INF/classes/mime.types
  3. Add a line with image/svg+xml  svg svgz
  4. Restart the Confluence application server.


When inserting a reference to an SVG image in the Confluence editor using Image Browser, the SVG image will now be displayed instead of a link to the image attachment.

Another User's Experience

Trevan Householder has contributed a more recent experience on Confluence 5.8.17

However, adding that line to mime.types didn't do the trick for us. (yes, we restarted.)

We did, however, find this trick to make it work:

Upon editing the Confluence Page:

  1. Type '!' then select the attached SVG
  2. It renders inline
  3. Adjust the image size as needed.