How to retrieve debug logs for Appfire apps in Confluence

This article explains how to retrieve the debug logs for Appfire apps in Confluence


  1. Log into your Confluence instance as an administrator and navigate to (Cog Wheel) > General Configuration.

  2. From Administration section, select Logging and Profiling.

  3. In Add New Entry:
    1. Add Class/Package Name as org.swift.confluence
    2. Select New Level as DEBUG
    3. Click Add Entry to apply the changes.

      The added packages can be seen under the Package name:

  4. Perform the action that is causing the issue again.
  5. Generate a support zip file and share/save it as required.

Generate a support zip file

  1. Log into the Confluence instance as an administrator and navigate to (Cog Wheel) > General Configuration > Troubleshooting and support tools.

  2. Select the Create support zip tab and click Create zip.
  3. Once the support zip is generated, click Download zip:

  • The logging occurs immediately, but only lasts until Confluence is restarted.
  • Ensure to go back and remove the entry that was added after you have completed triaging your issue.

The most general package to use for Appfire apps is org.swift. However newer apps like Code Pro for Confluence and SQL for Bamboo can use the com.appfire prefix.