1.0.90 Release Notes


September 19, 2022

Appfire team is happy to present the release of Issue Matrix for Jira Cloud 1.0.90!



Updates and Resolved Issues

















  • We’re happy to let you know that we’ve taken the Issue Matrix Cloud configuration to the next level. Now, you can link one Issue Matrix configuration to multiple projects. This means no more time-consuming configurations in each of your projects.




  • Issue Matrix Cloud is now Issue Matrix for Jira Cloud. We’ve updated the in-app texts and documentation to adopt our new name.

  • We’ve changed the logo design of Issue Matrix. Now, you’ll also see Appfire as the vendor of Issue Matrix for Jira Cloud in the Atlassian Marketplace and in the app itself.
    Updating the logo and vendor information is another step towards embracing our new identity as members of the bigger family of Appfire.




  • Small bug fixes.


With this release, we’re adding the capability to link one matrix configuration to multiple projects. You can either add a new matrix or edit an existing one to link it to several projects.

As a result, you no longer need to create the same configuration for each desired project. With a single configuration, you’ll have a matrix panel shown in all linked projects.

After the update, you’ll notice that the Project sub-section in the matrix configuration has been transformed to Linked Projects.

Full documentation

Linked matrices are tagged with the multi-project lozenge and are shared between their linked projects. Hence, changes to a given linked matrix will affect all its projects.

More improvements and bug fixes will be coming soon! Thanks! Please submit your suggestions for improvements to our Support Portal. We value your feedback!