1.0.102 Release Notes


August 24, 2023

Appfire team is happy to present the release of Issue Matrix for Jira Cloud 1.0.102!



Updates and Resolved Issues





  • Ability to limit the results in the Issue Matrix panel: Now, you can choose the maximum number of issues displayed in the matrix panel.
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  • Fixed a problem where hovering over the issue type in the matrix panel would display a "-" (dash) in the tooltip when no description was available for that particular issue type in the project's settings.

  • Fixed a problem where the View issue page didn’t adjust the panel's height after loading and displayed excessive empty space when multiple matrices were configured but not visible for the current issue.

  • Fixed a problem where excessive empty space appeared at the bottom of the Edit Matrix page in team-managed projects.


Limiting the displayed results in the Issue Matrix

By default, the Issue Matrix panel shows all available results. However, you can use the Results section to set the maximum number of displayed issues. Which issues are displayed depends on the sorting field you've selected in the Sort By section during matrix configuration, or your decision to sort by any column in the Issue Matrix. If you haven't made a sorting choice, the arrangement of issues in your matrix panel will be handled by Jira's algorithm.

Visit the documentation for more details

More improvements and bug fixes will be coming soon! Thanks! Please submit your suggestions for improvements to our Support Portal. We value your feedback!