1.0.100 Release Notes


July 19, 2023

Appfire team is happy to present the release of Issue Matrix for Jira Cloud 1.0.100!



Updates and Resolved Issues










  • We're excited to introduce Issue Categories! Issue categories allow you to organize your issues based on criteria of your choice. Plus, you can highlight them using different colors for each category, making it a breeze to spot and group issues that belong together.


Issue Categories

Issue Categories help organize and spot certain issues easily in an Issue Matrix panel. All Issue Matrix types support categories. Each issue can be assigned to only one category.

Using categories offers benefits such as:

  1. Improved organization: Define categories using JQL to organize issues based on different criteria.

  2. Quick identification: Categories are represented by colors. When an issue matches a category, a colored square appears on the left of its row in the Issue Matrix panel. Colored categories help you easily find and manage different types of issues and focus on the ones that require attention.

  3. Enhanced visibility: The visual highlighting of categories makes it easier to see how issues are spread out across the matrix panel.

View the full documentation to learn how to create Issue Categories