1.0.96 Release Notes


March 06, 2023

Appfire team is happy to present the release of Issue Matrix for Jira Cloud 1.0.96!



Updates and Resolved Issues










  • We’ve added support for the dark theme preference currently available as part of Jira Labs.



  • We improved the way we show the issue types configured for a matrix in the Issue Matrices list. Now, there is a tooltip for each issue type icon with information about the project(s) it’s associated with.



  • Small bug fixes.


Support for Jira’s Early Access Dark Theme feature

The Issue Matrix configurations and panels can now be visible with Jira Cloud’s dark theme colors. The dark theme preference is featured in and can be turned on in the Jira Labs section in Jira Cloud users’ profile settings. The Jira Labs section introduces features that are not yet released and are part of an Early Access Program. This way, Atlassian experiments and gathers feedback on these features.

As the dark Jira theme is still in beta and being tested, you can expect changes and unexpected behavior to be introduced by Atlassian at any time. For more information on dark theme testing, read https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-articles/Help-us-test-Jira-s-new-dark-theme/ba-p/2211399 document by Atlassian.

Dark theme is in Early Access Program

The dark mode is still in EAP (Early Access Program) and your Jira Cloud instance needs to be part of the program to have it. Otherwise, the Issue Matrix app will still be visible with the default light mode preference. This will result in a “mixed” experience - Jira will be shown with the dark theme and the app with the light theme. You can find information on how to join the Early Access Program in Atlassian’s documentation.

See what the matrix panel looks like under Jira Cloud’s dark theme in the screenshot below.

Visit full documentation

Improved visualization of the issue types of each matrix on the Issue Matrices page

We’ve improved the information displayed for the issue types of each matrix configuration displayed on the Issue Matrices page. To make the improvement, we’ve added a tooltip for each issue type’s icon in the Issue Matrices list with information about the project(s) it’s associated with. This way, for each matrix configuration, you’ll see the projects where each issue types come from.


More improvements and bug fixes will be coming soon! Thanks! Please submit your suggestions for improvements to Appfire's Support Portal. We value your feedback!