1.0.88 Release Notes


June 03, 2022

Appfire team is happy to announce the release of Issue Matrix Cloud 1.0.88!



Updates and Resolved Issues














  • Support for Insight fields: You can now add Insight custom fields to Issue Matrix panels.


  • Extended JQL for Service Management fields: From this release on, you can use our extended JQL syntax also for Service Management fields like Request Type, Organizations, and SLAs.


  • Inline editing is extended: It’s also available for the number, estimate, date, and datetime-type fields. For example, you can edit the Story points and Time Spent fields for many issues from a single location.
    Check the newly supported fields


  • We’ve fixed a problem where the Issue Matrix panel isn’t displayed for anonymous users.


Support for Insight fields

The Insight fields can now be added to Issue Matrices. This allows, Insight fields’ values to be collected from issues and displayed in the Issue Matrix panels.

The image below shows an Issue Matrix in a Service Management project about software problems reported by users in an organization. The panel lists the Insight field called Software products, where users record the software in their requests they’re facing problems with.

Full documentation

Extended JQL for Service Management fields

Our JQL extension now allows you to use its syntax with Service Management custom fields in JQL-type Issue Matrices. This means that you can use an extended JQL syntax for the Organizations, Request type, SLA, Satisfaction, and Request language predefined custom fields. With this feature, you can customize further the information displayed in an Issue Matrix panel by building a specialized JQL query.

You can look at the example below, where an Issue Matrix panel shows all open requests that share the same organizations with the current request. This is achieved by building a JQL-type Issue Matrix that uses an extended JQL syntax with the Organizations field in its configuration.

Learn how you can use the extended JQL syntax for custom fields.

More improvements and bug fixes will be coming soon! Thanks! Please submit your suggestions for improvements to our Support Portal. We value your feedback!