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Find help using Issue Matrix for Jira Cloud

This document informs you about the different channels to get help with the Issue Matrix for Jira Cloud-related questions, requests, and issues.

Where to start

If you encounter any problems using or setting up Issue Matrix for Jira Cloud, please let us know — we're here to help!

  • First, look for information in the Issue Matrix for Jira Cloud User’s Guide.

  • If you need assistance, raise a support request at our Support Portal.

Raise a support request

To raise a support request:

  1. Visit Appfire’s Support Portal and raise a support request.

  2. Provide as much information as possible, and add screenshots if there’s an error in Jira’s UI or in the browser console. Also mention the browser, operating system, and version of your Issue Matrix for Jira Cloud app.

Save the browser's console log

When filing an issue, you’ll need to save and attach your browser console log, which contains information about your Jira system. This will assist our support engineers in troubleshooting the issue.

To save your Browser console log:

  1. Go to the page where you are having an issue with Issue Matrix for Jira Cloud.

  2. Open the browser's developer tools by using either of these methods:

    1. keyboard shortcut F12, or

    2. right-click anywhere on the screen > select 'Inspect'.

  3. Click the Console tab at the top of the window.

  4. Save the console output. For the different browsers, there are different instructions.

Instructions to save the console output

  • Chrome and Edge browsers: you have to right-click in the console and choose Save as…

  • Firefox and Safari browser, you have to manually copy and paste the console output to a file.

You can now go to your issue and attach the browser's log.