1.0.98 Release Notes


May 22, 2023

Appfire team is happy to present the release of Issue Matrix for Jira Cloud 1.0.98!



Updates and Resolved Issues










  • We're excited to introduce our new Similar Matrix type! The Similar Matrix displays issues that share similarities with the current issue’s Summary text.


  • The Issue Matrix preview now detects and helps you fix configuration problems that prevent the matrix panel from showing up on the issue view screen.


Similar Matrix

The new Similar Matrix helps you quickly find issues similar to the issue you are currently viewing in Jira. To detect similarities, it compares the text of the current issue's Summary with the text in the Summary and/or Description fields of other issues. The best matching issues are displayed in the matrix panel. These issues are ranked by a Similarity index, with the most similar ones appearing at the top.

The Similarity Matrix only looks for similarities in the text of the issues, and doesn't take into account any other factors. So, issues with similar text may be displayed in the matrix panel even if they are not related in any way to the current issue.

The Similar Matrix can be helpful in many ways. For example, you can:

  • use it to quickly find similar issues in large and complex projects,

  • identify patterns and trends across your projects, and discover areas for improvement,

  • identify duplicated issues, reduce redundancy, and improve the overall quality of your data in Jira.

View the full documentation to learn how to create Similar Matrices


Detecting Configuration Problems with the Preview

If you can't see a preview of the Issue Matrix for a selected issue, there may be a problem with the configuration. The preview will display a message describing the issue and how to fix it.
The unavailable preview is also an indication that the Issue Matrix will not be shown in the issue view of the selected issue.

View the full documentation to learn how to use the Preview for troubleshooting

More improvements and bug fixes will be coming soon! Thanks! Please submit your suggestions for improvements to Appfire's Support Portal. We value your feedback!