Integrations (App Configuration)

You can connect with platforms other than your Jira instance to plan and coordinate your team's work if they prefer to use different tools such as Trello or other Jira instances. You can connect to Trello Boards and additional Jira Cloud instances (BigPicture Enterprise required).

Once connected, you can add Trello Boards (including Cards, Lists, CheckItems, and Checklists) to the scope of your Boxes and have all your work in one place.

Each connection has a dedicated section that you can use to define the scope and types of tasks to synchronize and the task structure.

Managing connections

Main connection

Your Host platform or in other words the Jira instance you are currently using:

BigPicture-BigPicture-demo (11).png

Editing connections

Click the pen button (icon) to change the connection name which will be displayed in the Box Configuration > Tasks > Scope definition.

Adding new connections

You can add a new connection here and it will be available to users in the Scope definition section of the Box configuration. Read more about connecting to external platforms: Adding new connections.

Deleting connections

If you delete a connection, all the tasks added to the scope of the Box and its sub-Boxes will be removed.

Before you terminate a connection make sure that users confirmed that it is no longer used otherwise they will be required to redefine the scope and lose some the current task structure.

Security and Access

You can manage your connections in one of the following:

  • App configuration - go to Jira administration (or settings) > Manage apps > Technical configuration > Tools, requires Jira admin permission.

  • Box type configuration - go to Administration > Box types > choose the Box type you want to edit > Tasks > Task structure, requires App admin security role.

  • Box configuration - go to Box configuration > Tasks > Scope definition, requires Box admin security role.