Modify the basic Box information, including the box type name, icon, and description. The Box attributes are displayed in different modes of the Overview module and the Box switcher. 

Keep in mind:

  • Box configuration refers to the settings of a single, individual Box. They are dependent on the “Box type” settings. 


Icon and color

Color-code your Box icons - this feature makes it easy to categorize your Boxes and identify their content at first glance. A colored icon is displayed in both the Overview module and in the Box switcher, making finding a particular Box easy and quick. In addition, you are not beholden to the default settings resulting from the Box type configuration, as you can manually override them at any point. 

Box Name

The Box's name comes in handy when you're searching for it using filters in the Overview module or the Box switcher search. You can organize your Boxes and sort them by the Box name. The Box name appears in all modes of the Overview module as a column or on the Box tile. It is also displayed in the Box switcher.

Box admins can edit the name directly using the Hierarchy mode of the Overview module (right-click > Edit):

Box Lead

Box Lead role does not automatically grant access to the Box configuration as in previous App versions. To learn more about security roles, go to Security configuration in box modules.

The Box leader appears in all modes of the Overview module, as a column or on the Box tile:

You can also use the JQL Enhanced and create a filter using the Box leader.

Box Dates

The Start and End dates are used to generate the Box bar in the Overview module. Box dates do not synchronize with Jira and other tools. The dates appear in all modes of the Overview module as a column or on the Box tile in the Kanban Mode.

Dates will also appear next to the Box bar in the Timeline view when you drag and drop the bar (requires Box admin security role):

Depending on the configuration, the Box period might overlap or come in a sequence. The Box period mode determines whether the Box can exceed the duration of a parent Box. To


Additional description added to the card on the Kanban mode of the Overview module only. Use it to describe the content or the purpose of a Box:

Hover over the description when in the Kanban mode of the Overview module to show the full text:

Security and access

  • Only a user with a minimum Box admin security role can access and manage the Box configuration.

  • To change the basic Box data, go to Box configuration > General > Basics