To unlock the export features install the BigTemplate App from the Atlassian Marketplace.

You can upload multiple document templates to make exporting easily adaptable to your organization’s needs. 

Design a template or use a pre-installed one, make it visible as one of the export options in different modules, and go beyond the boring default. 

Use different modules to export data in different formats (file types) such as MS Project, MS Excel, or PDF images. Whenever a template is lost or deleted, you can always "Restore Default Templates."

Uploading Templates

Each module uses different types of templates that have different formats. The easiest way to get started is to download the template first and then modify it to your needs.

Enter the required information (marked with an asterisk) as shown in the image below:

Restore Pre-Installed Templates

Use this option to restore all the templates if exporting fails due to corrupted templates. To restore the templates, follow the steps presented on the images below: Click the "Restore" button to confirm:

Add existing templates

When adding existing templates, Box Admins can select from the list of templates already uploaded templates. Jira Administrators can add templates in the Jira Administration (Settings) > Manage Apps > BigTemplate configuration > Templates.

Export using templates

To open the export dialog, click on the "Export" button found on the module's header. Next, select the template from the dialog ("Project Template 2" is listed below the default templates.


Security and access

  • Only a user with a minimum App admin security role can access and change the Box configuration.

  • To configure the Export templates go to Box configuration> General > Exporting.