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Task templates

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In this tab, you can pre-define Templates of Basic Tasks (basic tasks can be viewed only using the App's modules). This will result in a group of tasks being arranged in an independent micro-structure, which can be re-used as a template in Gantt, Scope, and Calendar modules later on.

You can use Basic task templates, create simple schedules to arrange your data into phases and stages or represent external providers' tasks.

To achieve a pre-configured arrangement of that sort, you need to use the relative dates column. It is relative because the numbers you put there are counted since the Parent Task (if there are any).

The template will appear in your Task Templates list in the '+Task' menu, and you will be free to fit it into your structure in any desired way with pre-defined dependency rules.

Security and access

  • Go to Box configuration > Tasks > Task Templates to add or edit Tasks Templates.

  • Only a user with a minimum Box admin security role can access and manage the Box configuration.

This configuration page will not be visible if the module was deactivated or the inheritance mode is set to "Inherited only."

Alternatively, you can use the link in the "+" drop-down of the Gantt/ Scope/ Calendar module:


Inheritance mode 

The Task Templates can be inherited by the sub-level Boxes when the Inheritance mode is set to "Inherited only" or "Own with inherited" in the Box type configuration of the upper-level Box. This way, every time you create new templates or edit the existing ones, all available views will also be updated in the sub-level Boxes.

Inherited templates are marked with an arrow pointing upward and are not deletable.

To learn more about the inheritance mode go to Task Templates Box types.

Adding new templates

To add new templates, click the "Add new Task Template" button and enter the template name, which is a required field. You can also fill in the additional description:

Once added, click the clickable name link and the "New task' button to add tasks. Enter the names and the start/end date lag times (it defines the number of working days counted from the current date or a selected task):

For example, Eve created a template with three sample tasks:

Users can now use this template by selecting it from the '+' drop-down in the Gantt/ Scope/ Calendar module. When one of the tasks is selected, its start date becomes a reference point for all the tasks in the template.

The PP-98 starts on September 2nd, and the tasks will be added to the +1d, +5d, and +9d, respectively. As Task 2 would start on a non-working day, it was moved by the scheduling mechanism to start on the first available working day:

Editing templates

To update the name and the description fields of the created template, click the "Edit" button:

Deleting templates

To remove a template, click the "Delete button". You can not recover deleted templates: