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Holiday plans

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You can create unlimited Holiday plans to reflect the holidays and observances. Each non-working day resulting from the holiday plan reduces the capacity (daily capacity to zero) of the assigned resource or the Team.

Similarly, like with Workload plans users can be assigned to those plans using the Resource Manager (Administration > Resources > Individuals).

The holidays can be grouped into a set, such as European Holidays. If the organization also has offices in the United States, a holiday set can also be created for that region. This expedites the planning process as information is easily accessed across the organization.

Holiday modes

The table below shows the difference between available modes:

Holiday mode


Holiday mode


Non-working days

The non-working days of the week are marked with a grey colour circle.

Fixed mode

Dates are automatically moved to the next year and are marked with a red colour circle.


Dates are not moved to the next year automatically and are marked with blue colour circle.

Extra working days

The extra days are marked with a white colour circle.

You can view all the holidays and inline edit the holiday name field:

Default Holiday plan

When a task is added to the scope of a Box, or when the currently assigned plan is deleted, the task assignee is automatically assigned to the default holiday plan.

Adding new plans

Click the 'Add new plan' button and enter the name and code (max. 10 characters). The name of the currently active plan is displayed in the resource list on the Resource manager page.

Editing the calendar

Click the name of the plan or the 'Details' button to view and edit the holiday dates. If you want to change the name or the code click the 'Edit' button.

Click the 'Edit details' button to change holidays in the detail view. Click the dates that you want to convert to holidays and select the Holiday mode:

Use the arrows in the top right corner to move the calendar to the next year:

For example, Angela is assigned to a Holiday plan with holidays on the 3rd and 4th of August:

On these dates, the daily capacity is reduced to zero in the Resources module and the scheduling mechanism moves the tasks to start on the first working day.

Deleting plans

To delete a plan click the 'Delete' on the details page or on the Holiday plans page. You can not delete the default plans.

If a resource was assigned to a deleted plan, the App assigns the Default Holiday Plan instead. 

Default Holiday plan

Each task assignee is automatically assigned to the default holiday plan once a task is added to the Box's scope, or when the currently assigned plan is deleted.

Individual Absences

Users can add their own absences using their "My settings" page. 

Security and access

  • Only a person with the App Admin or App Resource Admin security role can access this page.

  • To access this page go to Administration > Resources > Holiday plans.