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Workload plans

A Workload Plan is a calendar used to reflect specific working hours of an individual resource. It is the basis for individual and team capacity calculation.

It determines the users' daily, weekly and monthly capacity which is calculated by the Resources and Board modules.

Similarly, like with Holidays plans users can be assigned to those plans using the  Resource Manager. A Resource can be assigned to multiple workload plans, for example, a different plan for the summer season and a different one for the winter one. 

On the "Workload plans" page you can see a list of available workload plans. 

Information is displayed in three columns:

  • Name
  • Code 
  • Description

Assigning Workload Plans

Workload Plans can't overlap. You can assign multiple consecutive Workload plans to a resource, but they can never overlap. Only one workload plan is applicable at any given moment. 

You can assign Workload Plans to resources:

On a Workload Plan page 

Open "Details" of a Workload Plan (either by clicking on its name or by clicking the "Details" button):

Next, click on the "Assigned Resources" button at top with:

In the pop-up, select:

  • a User
  • Efficiency
  • Start date

Click the "+" button to add a resource to the Workload Plan:

Confirm the change:

The resource will appear on the list:

 When you click on the name of a Resource, you will be taken to the "resource manager" page of that resource. You can view the details of the Workload Plan assignment on the resource's timeline.

On a resource's page (using individuals

To manage resource-specific information go to Administration > Resources > Individuals and open a resource page by clicking on the name of a given resource.

You can manage Workload Plans directly on the resource's page.

Creating Workload Plans

Click the "Add new plan" button and enter the name and code (max. 10 characters). 


  • Name
  • Code
  • Description (optional field)

A newly created plan is not assigned to any resources. 

To specify Workload plan information, go to the "Details" page of a workload plan.

Details of a Workload Plan 

To access Workload Plan details, click the name of the plan or the "Details" button:

The following options are available on a page of each Workload Plan: 

Section on the Left:

NameWorkload Plan name.
CodeWorkload Plan code.
DescriptionOptional description field.
Max weekly workloadSet a weekly workload limit.
Section on the right:

SaveSave changes.
DeleteRemove a Workload Plan.
Weekly workload total

Displays a sum of distributed weekly hours. 

Workload distributionWorkload hours are marked in purple on the weekly calendar. The sum of daily working hours results in the weekly workload total.
Assigned resources

View and manage the list of resources assigned to a Workload Plan. 

Max weekly workload 

Specified the weekly workload limit of a Workload Plan. 

Max weekly workload will affect the weekly workload total display color. If the workload distribution of a plan (total of the purple weekly calendar on the right) exceeds the Max weekly workload, the app won't let you save a Workload Plan. For example, the max weekly workload can help App Admin track the maximum legal weekly working hours in a given country. In the case they have been exceeded, App Admin will not be able to save such Workload Plan. 

The Max weekly workload doesn't influence the resource capacity - capacity is impacted by the actual purple workload distribution on the right. Resource's capacity is simply a sum of the actual workload distribution in the purple section on the right.

Weekly Workload total 

The app automatically calculates how many hours in total have been distributed over all weekdays. 

The color of the font indicates that:

  • yellow - total distributed workload < Max weekly workload
  • green - total distributed workload = Max weekly workload
  • red - total distributed workload > Max weekly workload

Workload Distribution 

Workload hours are marked on the calendar in purple:

To change the number of daily working hours modify the number at the top of a given column:

To move a working hour block use the drag-and-drop mechanism:

Assigned resources list 

The pop-up provides the following information:

Total number of resources assigned to the plan

List of resources

You can scroll through the list of resources assigned to a given plan:

The list shows you all resources assigned to a given Workload Plan.

A resource can be assigned to the same workload plan over different time periods. 

Keep in mind, a resource can be assigned to multiple Workload Plans.

When you click on the resource name, you will be taken to the "Resource manager" page of a given user, where you can view all their assignments in detail. 

 Click here to expand...

Remove from the plan

You can remove a user (a particular Workload Plan assignment) directly from the "Assigned Resources" list. 

The action has to be confirmed:

If a user was assigned to a Workload Plan only once (there was only one list item for that user), the user is completely removed from the list. 

Add a resource to a plan

You can assign a resource to a workload plan.

Box modules

The daily working hours are the daily capacity of resources used by the Gantt, Resources and Board modules. For example, Angela is assigned to a plan with 4h working hour day on Thursdays:

Deleting Workload Plans 

You can not delete the default plans.

To delete a plan click the 'Delete' button

  • on the Workload plans overview page
  • on the Workload plan details page

If a resource was assigned to a deleted plan, the App assigns the Default Workload Plan instead. 

Workload Plan Overview - delete

Workload Plan Details - delete

Default Workload plan

Default Workload Plan can't be removed.

When a task is added to the scope of a Box, or when the currently assigned plan is deleted, the task assignee is automatically assigned to the default workload plan.

Workload Plan Efficiency 

(If you want to simulate a non-human resource or use a single user to represent a team, you can use the efficiency multiplier. Alternatively, you can use it to reduce the capacity resulting from the Workload plan by setting a value below 1.)

Non-working days

You can set the work time to 0 to define a non-working day

Maximum work time

The maximum time is 24h and the calendar uses 5 minutes of granulation.

It is possible to exceed the 24h limit by specifying the 'Efficiency' in the Resource manager section.

Individual Absences

Users can add their own absences using their "My settings" page. 

Security and access

  • Only a person with the App admin security role or App Resource Admin can access this page.
  • To create workload plans go to Administration > Resources > Workload plans

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