Issue Type Scheme Migration


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Issue Type Scheme Changes

When an Issue Type Scheme is edited, there are cases where the change will require you to migrate issues to reflect the new scheme. Here are some scenarios that require such a migration:

1. Removing issue types from a scheme

If you associate a new issue type scheme with one or more Jira projects, and these projects already have issues with the same issue types as those in the new scheme, but you want to remove one or more of these issue types from the new scheme.

2. Missing issue types in a scheme

If a project that you are trying to associate your new issue type scheme with already has some issues with issue types NOT included in the new issue type scheme.


In both cases, the deployment operation will be denied, and you will see a summary page listing the removed issue types for each scheme. This is because Configuration Manager for Jira does not support Issue Type Scheme migration in such circumstances.

Change the Issue Type Scheme in the source Jira instance

  1. Go to the Jira system where you've created the configuration snapshot and make changes to the Issue Type Scheme so that it doesn't require the removal of issue types.  

  2. Create a new configuration snapshot.

  3. Import the new snapshot.

Change the Issue Type Scheme in the target Jira instance

  1. Transfer only the conflicting Issue Type Scheme to the target Jira - you can do this by deploying a new single project snapshot associated with that scheme.

  2. Assign the new scheme to the existing project(s) on the target Jira that would have been affected by the original deployment.

  3. Import the original snapshot.

  4. Now you should be able to deploy the snapshot successfully, as the new snapshot should not include any Issue Type Scheme changes that require migration.