6.6.0 Release Notes


19 March 2020

Botron team is happy to announce the release of Configuration Manager for Jira 6.6.0!

Upgrading to Configuration Manager for Jira 6.6.0 is free for all customers.



Updates and Resolved Issues























  • Snapshot integrity check: We are excited to introduce one more feature, which will make your configuration exporting experience fast and easy. Now, you can rerun an integrity check for a failed snapshot until you are sure the errors have been resolved.

Overview | Full documentation

  • Custom configuration element matching: This release adds a powerful new feature allowing you to choose how to match snapshot and target configuration elements during deployment.

Overview | Full documentation





  • Download integrity check results in CSV: Now the integrity check result can be downloaded in both JSON and CSV formats.

  • Improved matching for Jira Service Management fields: now JSD fields are matched in a more robust way without relying on the fields' names.

  • Automatic handling of values of custom fields that implement standard select/checkbox functionality.

  • Configuration Manager’s built-in app integrations are visible on the App Integrations page.





  • Fixed a problem with the default field configuration not being treated as default when creating a project snapshot in some environments with unusual data.

  • Fixed a problem with status category changes displayed in the diff during the deployment Analyze phase.

  • Improved handling of locked custom fields.

  • Fixed an error occurring when trying to delete some snapshots. Now all snapshots can be properly deleted.

  • Fixed a problem that could cause the inclusion of additional projects in the snapshot due to version/component references from the data.




Custom matching between configuration elements during deployment

We are giving you the power to control and change how snapshot and target configuration elements are matched during a deployment. You can choose to match a configuration element from a snapshot to a target element different than the default one.

Full documentation


Snapshot integrity check

Now, in Configuration Manager, you can run integrity check for a snapshot failed due to configuration errors.

If you are a Jira admin of an instance with a thousand projects, for example, and you have to move a few of them, you can benefit a snapshot specific integrity check. Instead of having to deal with all errors in the Jira configuration, you can narrow down and fix only the integrity errors in the scope of а failed snapshot.

Full documentation



More improvements and bug fixes will be coming soon. Thanks!

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