6.7.0 Release Notes


06 October 2020

Botron team is happy to announce the release of Configuration Manager for Jira 6.7.0!

Upgrading to Configuration Manager for Jira 6.7.0 is free for all customers.




Updates and Resolved Issues

















  • Selective Merge of users and groups: Now, you can choose how to deploy users and groups on the target instance. You can change the default deployment of users/groups and avoid unwanted changes.

  • You can point a location to a snapshot on the Jira's file system to perform configuration deployment.




  • Configuration Manager has improved the support for system fields in JQL.

  • We added support for the migration of ranking by multiple ranking fields.

  • We added support for JSD-specific items in JQL like customer request types, request-channel-types, request-last-activity-times and more.

  • We added an option in the deployment wizard to skip deploying attachments.

  • Performance improvements for deployment of issue ranking.



  • Affected projects of screens/fields/statuses are now reported correctly by Configuration Manager.

  • Fixed problem where Selective rematch for fields breaks JQL order by clause.

  • Fixed incorrect diff for project role addition when "Do not merge changes to Project Roles" is enabled.

  • Deleting an Agile Board with 1000+ card colors in Oracle is working now.

  • Duplicate notification is not reported as a duplicate Event anymore.

  • Configuration Manager successfully recognizes IDs in quotes in a valid JQL query and doesn't show an audit log warning message in this case.

  • Fixed a problem with an error occurring for finding a matching custom field during deployment.

Deploy snapshots from Jira’s file system

We added a new way for you to upload snapshots even more easier. The new “Path to snapshot file” option allows you to point a location to a snapshot file on the current Jira's file system.

Full documentation

More improvements and bug fixes will be coming soon. Thanks! Submit your suggestions for improvements to Botron Support Portal. We value your feedback!