Slash Commands

Last step in app configuration in Slack is setting up slash commands that the app will use. Go to the SlashCommands subpage of your Slack app page. You will get a page like this:

You will need to set up two commands:

  • /jira-namethis one has an optional parameter, which is the user name in Jira
  • /jira-name-remove - this one is parameterless

The actual names of the commands may be different, the important bit is URL that Slack will call when the command will be invoked.

Click Create New Command button to add the two commands (do it twice - once for each command):

The Request URL parameter is taken from the Slack Integration page in Jira:

If your Jira's external address is different than the one reported on that page, it is crucial that you enter the externally visible address, otherwise the commands will not work

After the two slash commands are added, the Slash Commandspage should look like this: